This is the official website of Sobotka Literary Magazine!

We are a brand new literary publication interested in submissions of poetry and short fiction that ignite both the author and the audience. We aren’t so much worried about word count or line spacing as we are sharp, quality writing. Regardless of form or focus, we just want to feel your words in our bones.

We will begin accepting submissions for our inaugural issue on Monday, April 28th. Please send all submissions to

Visit us on Facebook to stay updated or just shoot the spit with us.

Thanks for your interest in our magazine and here’s to hoping our tiny match-flame can grow into a beautiful bonfire.

Nick Rossi and Kathy Klimentowski
“Feel It In Your Bones”

Sobotka is the screaming brainchild of two humans from Illinois, USA.

Sobotka is the Polish word for “bonfire.” Bonfire literally means “bone fire” or “a fire of bones” in the English language, but has become synonymous with people conversing and connecting in a warm light of their own creation, safe from the darkness that surrounds them.

At Sobotka, we believe that authentic, inspiring writing comes from the need of the individual to express something felt deeply, as if in the bones, as well as the desire to share that burning feeling with others.

Ultimately, great literature results from, and serves as, a bonfire.


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