In his poem “the burning of the dream,” Charles Bukowski recalls his love of reading and his strong association with the library:

while other young men chased the
I chased the old
I was a bibliophile, albeit a
and this
and the world
shaped me.”

At Sobotka, we hope to bring this type of connection towards books out in people. Though, ideally, we hope your readers/writers not be as disenchanted as Bukowski was, if that’s the approach you take, we’re not gonna knock you down for it. Just try to make what you and others read more fulfilling by submitting something that you feel is worth it!

Send it out to us while you still got the time! Submissions close on June 23rd!

– KK



2 thoughts on “Bibliophile

    • Glad we could be of some service to you! We have been a bit bogged down in the publishing process as of late, but hopefully we will be sharing some more quotes from our favorite authors soon!


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