Salvage Something Short


Journalist and short story author Wells Tower said of writing fiction:

“I think what people really want is fiction that in some tiny way makes their life more meaningful and makes the world seem like a richer place. The world is awfully short on joy and richness, and I think to some extent it’s the fiction writer’s job to salvage some of that and to give it to us in ways that we can believe in.”

Knee-deep in the drudgery of everyday life, sometimes it’s hard to see the simple joys that come with being alive and human. Fiction has the power to highlight some of the richness of the collective human experience and present it in a way that makes the reader acknowledge that richness, or at least potential of such, in their own life.

We are still looking for pieces of short fiction that give us something to believe in, short fiction that shows us there is some other human out there burning with the same desire to find, or create, some kind of meaning during our short time on this Great Big Spinning Multicolored Rock.

Salvage something in your short story and send it to us at

– NR

Wells Tower

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