Little Burning Bottles


A paragraph of Thomas Chaplin’s “witness to the deterioration of the human spirit, or a short tale about dormancy and doubt” reads,

“He feels strange gripping the sides of the toilet: despite all the chronic nausea that has sporadically bedridden him for the past few months, it has never led to a vomiting episode. One typically feels physically relieved post-puke, but he is already convinced that it won’t subside after he is finished. If anything, it’s only going to get worse. He retches a few more times into the porcelain bowl. With his head still halfway submerged, he reaches into his pockets and produces the prescription bottle with shaking hands. When he is satisfied that that will be all to exit his body for the time being, he falls back against he wall, arms resting on the floor. He shifts his eyes to look down at the bottle.”

In his piece, Chaplin captures the struggles and pain in everyday life that we go through as humans through the eyes and thoughts of a character living through one of the lowest points in his life. Catch the rest of his story in our first issue to be released in the near future!

Photo Credit: Three Lions/Getty Images


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