Ashen Land


One of the two poems of Peycho Kanev’s that we will be publishing titled “Darkness” reads,

“Relentless sun, crystal clear blue skies,
silence and foreshadowing.
Thousands of miles of wasted land,
thousands of sheep dying from hunger.

And the shepherd stands there,
without moving a muscle, like a scarecrow,
nodding his head and swaying slightly
in the gentle wind.”

In Peycho’s short yet vivid poem, he presents us a sharp juxtaposition of opposites. Contrasting a placid landscape with the barrenness it represents, Kanev alludes to the human race’s unwillingness to assume responsibility for or take action against the impending destruction of our world.

Check out this poem and a second one of Peycho’s titled “The Analyst” in our forthcoming issue!

Photo Credit: Nathan Timmel



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