Wordsmith Wednesday: Rush’s “Natural Science”


This week’s Wordsmith Wednesday shouldn’t come as a surprise to those that have ever talked/seen/heard of me. The following comes from “Natural Science,” the last song on RUSH‘s 1980 album “Permanent Waves” with lyrics by Neil Peart.

“When the ebbing tide retreats/along the rocky shoreline/
it leaves a trail of tidal pools/in a short lived galaxy/
Each microcosmic planet/a complete society/
A simple kind of mirror/to reflect upon our own/
All the busy little creatures/chasing out their destinies/
Living in the pools/they soon forget about the sea.”

It’s easy to get caught up in the drama and/or drudgery of our own tiny, individual lives. Try not to forget about the sea.

– NR

Neil Peart


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