Wordsmith Wednesday: Murder By Death’s “End of the Line”


This week’s Wordsmith Wednesday is from the final song, “End of the Line,” off of Murder By Death’s 2003 album Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them?

It reads,

“I can hear the rails a rattlin’ against the hectic fray so set the bone with a cardboard split and strike the nail against the flint and set the fields on fire let the devil come let him come I’ll be waitin’ for him this time I am stronger now and I can fight it I’ll be waitin’ at the end of the line at the end of the line.”

What is so amazing about this set of words is that it is the final lines of an album that tells a terrifying story. Beginning with the song “The Devil in Mexico,” we are introduced to the Devil and the town he’s come to claim. Even in song we receive a detailed, eerie, complex, description of him and know that he has all the worst intentions. Murder By Death aren’t trying to tell an emotional, pulling at the heart strings tale, just the oldest story of a town defending its home from an all-encompassing evil.

– KK



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