Wordsmith Wednesday: Jordaan Smith & the Horse Museum’s “Avalanches”


This week’s Wordsmith Wednesday comes from the song “Avalanches” off of Jordaan Mason’s & the Horse Museum’s album Divorce Lawyers I Shaved My Head.

It reads:

“But if snow is like skin
It pulls away so easy
Right from the body
What if all stripped wood is branches
And all frozen lakes are water
Then our bodies will be avalanches
Then our bodies will be avalanches.”

These words do not necessarily tell a tale or attempt to concretely describe how one feels in a given moment or remind me of something that I have gone through; what these words do is resonate deep within me a feeling of the beginning. A feeling of the existence of something before a change ensues. He presents us with our own tumultuous past and leaves us to interpret an understanding of how this has molded us into our present selves. His words aren’t necessarily grounded in anything but the nature of our being and what has gotten us there.

– KK



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