Wordsmith Wednesday: The White Stripes’ “Truth Doesn’t Make a Noise”


Our words this week are from The White Stripes’ song “Truth Doesn’t Make a Noise” off their album De Stihl.


“truth doesn’t make a noise”

This line has stuck with me since I first heard it in my early teens. I’ve written in the margins of notebooks. I’ve scribbled it on bathroom stall walls. I’ve worked it into short stories. It’s a reminder to attempt to block out the ceaseless static that surrounds me in on a daily basis and try to reach for something more permanent, more stable. Something closer to truth than the empty promises of politicians or the shiny new trash vying for our money and attention. I believe that actions speak louder than words and in the coming years it will be action (or the lack thereof) that shapes our reality. So stay active, engaged, vigilant. Try to do the grunt work on the ground. You don’t need to talk about. You just need to do it. We need to do it. The truth may be subjective, but direct and sustained aid to those in need in your community is concrete. Good luck. Let us know how we can help.

– NR


Wordsmith Wednesday: Alex G “Change”


Our words this week are the lyrics to Alex G’s song “Change” from his self-released album Trick.

They read:

“How are you today
i saw your friends band play
a little show last night
its not my thing they were alright
youre in my dream last week
id like to hear what you think
we passed a house driving fast
the sun was shining on the grass
you made me stop and leave the car
you pulled my sleeve but not too hard
remember when you took too much
i didnt mind being your crutch
we loved you then
its not the same

i dont like how things change”

With lines and scenes loosely associated, Giannascoli draws you into an intimate space without making it feel claustrophobic. Simple and straightforward, these rhymes remind me of the unassuming comfort of adolescent friendships, filling my mind with thoughts of van rides through the Chicago suburbs, hanging out at garage shows, and late nights around bonfires. Whether it’s the erosion of naivety or the gradual growth of adult pragmatism, the loss of the lazy closeness of teenage friendship seems like something unfortunately unavoidable. Time and space may change things, but I’ll never mind being your crutch if you need me.

– NR