A Little Warmth


One of two poems submitted by Jessie Knoles titled “You are careful to water at the base of each plant,”

when i’m not there i want you
to water our garden because
the soil gets too dry.
i’m scared for our zucchini.
i want the seedlings to make it.
when we were digging, we saw baby worms.
i got scared and you told me we
needed them (i think i need you).
i’m a seedling, too.
transplant me to where
your feet hit the soil,
let our stems intertwine,
drink the same sunshine.
hope the rabbits don’t eat us.

“You are careful to water at the base of each plant” portrays the inner workings, attachments, and fears of a relationship through the metaphor of a garden. Jessie Knoles digs deep in this poem and her second piece, both which you can catch in our upcoming issue.


Photo Credit: Gabi Mulder